Intelligent Shopper Solutions renews strategic partnership with Portugal’s leading retailer

The multi-year deal will remain focused on enabling Continente to make better strategic and customer-centric decisions across multiple aspects of its operations.

A combination of the newly developed Aimia Insights Platform (AIP) and an embedded team of ISS retail experts will continue to focus on unlocking the collaboration opportunities with CPG partners, with a view to enhancing the overall customer experience.

Kevin Baldwin, Acting Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer of Intelligent Shopper Solutions, said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Sonae, we have been working collaboratively for the past seven years with great success.”

“We look forward to exploring further opportunities with Sonae MC, continuing to help build strong and meaningful relationships with customers through deep understanding of their buying habits.”

Jose Fortunato Sonae MC Marketing Executive Director, said, “With the successes we’ve experienced over the time working together, it made perfect sense to continue this effective partnership”.

“In these challenging times it has never been more important to understand our customers and be able to respond to their needs.”


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