We make it easy to access and use your customer data.

Every time a customer makes a purchase you collect valuable data. Our platform transforms this data into easy to understand actionable insights - for anyone in your organisation, from data scientist to CEO.

The customer insights platform

Specifically designed for grocery, convenience and health & beauty retailers; our platform combines sales with loyalty data. So, you can add a customer lens to your analysis.

Customer Insights Platform | ISS
Accelerate Your Insights | ISS

Accelerate your insights

From customer segmentation and assortment optimisation through to pricing and promotion, we empower more informed decision-making through customer insights. Through a shared view of the customer we also facilitate more collaborative relationships with your CPG partners - where everyone wins, especially the customer.


Our approach

We take the time to get to know you and your business. This way we can tailor the platform to your precise business needs and help you embed improved approaches that are aligned to your objectives, complementary to the way you operate and consistent with your culture.


Why work with us?

At the heart of what we do is making uncovering insights easy. So, our processes, onboarding, usability of our platform, and how we work with you is with this in mind. Technology runs in parallel with the people who use it every day, and we focus on both.


How we bring this to life

Bring all of your data together into a single customer insights platform. Designed to accommodate multiple banners or channels with unlimited scalability for the future. Industrial strength engineering, providing the security you need.

Our Technology

Meets all of your data needs.

  • Combine all your data into a single 'Customer Knowledge Platform​'.
  • Multi-channel capability to ingest all of your banners’ data​.

Future-proof Solution

  • Cloud-optimised tech stack that can grow in an ever-changing world.​
  • A scalable, secure solution to help you fulfil your supplier commercialisation activity.

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